09 / Grasshopper: Building Massings

 Grasshopper: Building Massing 

Download today’s class files: CLASS_08_BUILDING_ZONING_2

Building Zoning continued

The file is an edited version of the grasshopper building zoning file from last week.  This definition will locate your buildings on a grid, as opposed to a random arrangement.


  1. Trim a duplicate site surface using the road center lines (layer AD002) to define your redevelopment areas (around 30% of your 200m X 200m sites).
  2. In order to prevent the building masses from going too far beyond the site boundary, create a surface with a setback. To do this, use the rhino command: DupborderOffsetCrvOnSrf and trim again the site surface.
  3. Use the Rhino command ShrinkTrimmedSrf to remove all the control-points outside of the trimmed edge, and then input the resultant surface into the SFrames component in the definition.

Galapagos – solar energy

We will do a demo of galapagos next week that uses radiation data to inform building location.

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