02 / Intro to Grasshopper Part-1

Part 1 – Special Lecture: Object Oriented Programming + Algorithmic Design

Part 2 – Intro to Grasshopper

Part 3 – Intro to Grasshopper : Making surfaces and patterns using GH / GH Mesh Commands / Gh Imagemap Commands

In-Class Grasshopper Demonstration

Download Zip. File: CLASS_02_DIAMONDHOUSE_A


You will see the floor slabs, columns, and louvers are modeled parametrically to scale.  We will build this definition from scratch in-class.

Diamond House A Reference Video: https://vimeo.com/56311697

1.2A Take-home Assignment: Grasshopper / Diamond House A

Issued: Sept. 11, 2015.  Due: Sept. 17, 2015


Your task is to edit the Grasshopper definition of Diamond House A so that the slab to slab floor height (currently set to 3 meters) can be adjusted by a single number slider;  i.e. floor slabs, column heights, louvers locations and height, should all adjust together.

Deliverables:  Print a screen capture of your Grasshopper definition on A3. (File – Export Quick Image – Save)

Additional Practice

Issued: Sept. 11, 2015.  Due: Sept. 17, 2015

This assignment is for students who have some experience with Grasshopper. CLASS_02_PREVIEW3

Zeeheon’s Video 03 GRASSHOPPER VORONOI will go through how to generate a voronoi pattern with a collection of points.  Each cell gets colored according to their area (left picture).  Your task is to generate extrusions, where the height is determined by cell area (right picture).  You may even offset the cell curves before extrusion, and color the bars according to cell area, for more advanced visualization.

Deliverables:  Print a screen capture of your Rhino voronoi model on A4. (Rhino command ViewCaptureToFile)

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